Blessing in Ashland

To each of you from your Holy Allies, we express directly and individually a blessing of knowing and a rich accounting of how you have loved beyond reason.

This gathering is a body filled with unreasonable love. You are as one. In this room you are a wholeness- a holiness.

There is more to be unreasonable towards.

You have a togetherness that calls you into action at a time in the world when there is sorrow beyond reason present. What is called for is for each of you individually and yet together to step out of the time you live in, away from the habits that serve you, into a place of blessing. Yes, your blessing for the ache that marks a time of birth and the sorrow that marks time of death.

Each of you is uniquely gifted to birth a new expression of what has been known as death.

We your allies are transmitting into your bodies into your consciousness a place of safety that will allow you to step way from what has confined and frightened you into shrinking your steps and keeping you from making the leaps you know you need to.

This is not about claiming grandness in the world, but instead the song in each of you requires it’s expression and will lead you and those you love into the freedom, goodness and joy that you have longed for.

We kiss you with our wings. We make a gentle breeze of sweet knowing to come upon you. Words are not a fragrance but we send a fragrance, a sweetness to you. Let these words be a reminder that in the very air you breathe in, there is a blessing, a sweet grandness that if you allow will come resident within you and you will have nurturance to the core of your heart.

So we are in love, IN love with you beyond reason.

In loving we are as one, as one.

As brought forth by David Mackenzie and transcribed by Susan Perkins.


7 comments on “Blessing in Ashland

  1. Nancy on

    I breathed in the fragrance of your words. . A true fragrance filled my senses. This inspirational message came to me in synchronicity and love. Thank you to all.

  2. Judy "Guma" on

    Thank you for naming the blessing that is death and our potential to embrace it in new and “unreasonable” ways. I come to you via Susan and Grace. Connected Im sure in the field that holds us all.

  3. Kelvia on

    The every day chores, the business of wanting to accomplish to much, some times makes me forget to be aware about the beauty, the love, the compassion, the kindness and the small wonderful things that makes this a wonderful wold.
    You got me back on track. Thank you for the reminder and the love. I receive it and send it back to where it came from,multiplied.

  4. Carina on

    AT the third reading, now in a whispering voice. No more tears, more understanding, more openness to receive. Process engaged:)

  5. Alicia on

    Yes, I surrender beyond reason to be the flowing love, and be the beloved. Thank you for modeling it. May you return with ease and Grace.


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