Are You Waiting?


Are you Waiting?

We’ve been going through a lot of change, how about you? We moved to a new country, a new home, and are stepping into the next generation of our lives.

Are you waiting to see what happens in the world around you before you act? 

With an election looming, fires burning, hurricanes flooding and school starting, there are a lot of external factors that are unpredictable. The upheaval around you can create feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and uncertainty as to what to do, what’s right for you and your loved ones and even your community and country. So much is out of your control and probably feels out of control.

There is a lot of fear in the air, many are anxious, enraged, desperate, and feeling desolate. It’s atmospheric and hard to escape.

Perhaps you’re thinking, “Oh I’ll wait to see what happens in the election before I…….” Or maybe the chaos around you has you feeling that you don’t really know what you want, what’s right for you, or what would be the best steps to take.

Waiting is hard on your biology, your spirit and your wellbeing. Waiting or Procrastination gets in the way of our evolution if we stay stuck in it.

There is a path that is right and true for each of us if we listen and follow to what our hearts and souls are calling for. Sometimes that clarity is only an incremental step, sometimes it calls for a giant leap. Nonetheless, waiting beyond the moment you have clarity will only agitate you.

Your mind may not know what to do but your heart does. You have a vault of wisdom waiting to be opened, where you have knowing and the ability to clearly choose what’s right and what’s not right for you.

Learning to trust that sense of knowing, which has a different feeling than the twists and turns our minds create as knowing, takes practice. Now is the time for trusting your heart knowing so as to enable your deep wisdom to come to the surface.

We want you to know that through our immediate experience, great things happen when you follow the promptings of your heart, the intelligence of your experience, and the knowing your wisdom presents you.

What are you waiting for?
We’d love to hear your comments below.

Love, David and Susan     
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2 comments on “Are You Waiting?

  1. Linda Vandiver on

    Not waiting any more..!! Something has finally arrived??? There is a presence, a knowing now that I never truly did accept. I knew everything and everyone was sacred, but I did not include myself. ?? During my energy download, I was told “I MUST HOLD the light, BE the light, LIVE the Light.” It has taken a while to really get this. It does not take work, as I thought….IT IS !! It is what I am, if I trust and know that the Divine is here, it is what I am??? My own little piece of joy and peace?? I need nothing more. (Yesterday another incident with my license tags….after more that an hour in line, No they did not have a record of my name. re-apply, come back,) I just said “okay” and knew that it would happen when it did, and it was just another lesson in presence, and BEING. As if nothing must happen when I think, or want…?? I am just fine. !!! THANK YOU David and Susan…!!

  2. Jean Bennett Owen on

    Hello Susan and David, thank you for staying in touch. Your wisdom resounds deeply within me and I am starting to make a plan for changes I need to make to be more healthy in my life. I too lived out of country for over a year – in Costa RIca. It was a good experience overall. I have been home again for a little over a year and looking around for my next great adventure. Maybe selling my house which has become a burden and getting on the road to explore more of ths US? I’m doing research to make that happen. Right now building up my health, mental, physical and spiritual for the leap into the unknown. I am not afraid just know that ths time is not right yet. I have some important work to do before launching. Love and blessings to you both, Jean owen (tompahma-woman who walks with the apples)


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