God or No God

Taking my book Not So Little Cora public has been an eye opener. The reception has been wonderful and yet unless I make a change, its message will be inaccessible to many. Why? I use the word “God” to describe the love that is bigger than we are or Life itself. The use of that… Read more »

Blessing for the Day 1.1.19

  Remembering You   Remember, you were born a sovereign being. Remember, you were born from wholeness. You can remember your roots. Now, when you feel your breath, you are on the edge of your knowing. You can claim the knowing the truth, your wholeness. You are not broken. From this bright moment of wholeness,… Read more »

Blessing For The Day 12.31.18

  As the year comes to a close and the next year is opening, we received the prayerful guidance to create a blessing every day for the month of January. We look forward to sharing these daily blessing with you. Blessing If you allow, this day will deliver magic. There are surprises waiting to be… Read more »