Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap Something inside us instinctively knows we are part of something bigger. Some call it Source, The Divine, God, Life itself…. The words don’t matter. What does matter is that it is time for us all to close the gap that keeps us separate from Source. This gap was created long ago, it’s… Read more »

Invocation for Joy and Strength 2017

Many have concerns about the year ahead. We asked our sacred allies to provide an invocation blessing to assist us in growing and empowering ourselves as we enter the New Year. It is important that we all open to the state of revelation that will assist us in navigating with joy, strength and clarity the… Read more »

Sharing Beauty Stories

  We wanted to share a blog written by our partner in Journey’s In Transformation, Gwen Mazer, so you could have taste of the heart and passion she has for Beauty. In March 2017 our Retreat – Awakening Into Beauty centers around Beauty from the inside out where we can breathe in its essence and connect… Read more »

Awakening Into Beauty Retreat 2017

“Beauty is the gentle but urgent call to awaken, a celebration, a homecoming of the human spirit.” John O’Donohue We have a new joint venture called Journeys in Transformation with a great partner Gwen Mazer.(link to her website) Gwen has a long and celebrated career of assisting women in finding beauty from the inside out.… Read more »