Radical Sobriety

Radical Sobriety- The word sobriety has a meaning we attribute to not using drugs or alcohol to alter our consciousness. Sobriety can also be applied to how someone is thinking. It’s usually used when someone is thinking clearly- outside of the norm and often in radically different ways. Have you ever used the phrase “well… Read more »

The Ghosts In Our Words

The Ghosts in Our Words Some words and phrases that make up our values, ideas and basic beliefs are too small because the ghosts of the past are hanging out in our vocabulary. You probably know the expression “saying one thing and meaning something else”. Most of us like to think of ourselves as honest… Read more »

Revolution or Evolution?

Interesting Fact Have you ever thought about the difference between revolution and evolution? The Online Etymological Dictionary  defines ‘Revolution’ as “revolving, to turn, roll back.” The term ‘Evolution’ is defined as “an opening of what was rolled up” as well as “the growth to maturity and development of an individual living thing”.