Curing “Blindness”

There are many forms of blindness. There are those who stop seeing because physically their eyes or their brain are no longer capable of producing the result we call sight. And there are others’ whose thoughts are so thick that they see the world through a logjam of beliefs, ideas and ideologies, expectations, hopes and… Read more »

Know Your Core Values?

Did you know you have core values that run like high-speed software inside you? Do you know what your core values are and where they came from? Feeling sick at heart and don’t know why? Do You Know your Core Values? Core values become measures by which we understand ourselves in relation to others and… Read more »

Pray YOUR Way

Prayer- what a heavily burdened word this has become. Many of us carry a deeply present wound activated when the word ‘prayer’ is simply mentioned. It is time to go beyond this word’s burden and claim the gift of the Mystical Life that prayer contains free of the wound, doctrinal history and family shadow. We… Read more »