Reprogramming Understanding

Tools for Thriving Reprogramming Understanding Understanding in its purest form is a liberating energy. We’ve been trained to experience understanding in ways that keep us living in the comforts of habits that rub us raw. Isn’t that amazing that our understanding can become conditioned to keep us boxed in. We are designed to be ever… Read more »

Contentment Can Feel Weird

Contentment can feel weird at first and yet it’s an essential ingredient for healing. It’s been something we all quest for and yet we “think” ourselves out of contentment. Our nervous systems just aren’t used to it. Contentment is a state of being where nothing is desired and the richness of the moment and all… Read more »

Creativity is Essential for Transformation

Tools for Thriving Creativity is Essential for Transformation The presence of creative energy is an essential ingredient to any lasting true transformation or healing. If the fires of our creativity are not kindled we’ll stay the same. Creativity fuels our capacity to feel possibility. When we use our creativity to live into possibility our world… Read more »