Client Testimonials

Surgical Prep and Post-op Recovery, Getting to the Root Cause of Condition

David and Susan and their Wisdom Rx team assisted with my wife’s cancer challenge. Their respectful, kind, and wise guidance helped turn a nightmare into deep transformation, producing a powerful, dramatic healing that has shocked everyone but them!

W.W. – Ashland, OR

Mystery Illness Analysis and Resolution of Chronic Pain

David and Susan work together to gather clear insights about the physical body, plus mental, emotional and spiritual levels as well. They uncover hidden aspects ready to be healed, and create a loving space to integrate those lost or alienated parts of myself.

In session, there are no limits to the healing energies present. And in the purity and compassion of their healing presence, I feel able to relax completely and open myself to the deepest level of healing possible. A session with David and Susan is an opportunity for transformation.

K.L. – San Diego, CA

Stress Related Injury and Family System Analysis

David knows and sees what is going on in the human nervous system. I remember one evening we were having dinner together, during a period where I had been in a time of great upheaval in my life. All of a sudden David said, “What is going on with your thyroid?”

I was surprised. “I don’t know,” I said.

“Are you on Thyroid medication?” he asked. “Yes,” I replied, “I’m always on it.” “Well,” he said “you need to see your doctor and have him check your dosage, something is not looking good.” David put his hand on my throat for a few minutes. Then he asked me to go and look at my throat in the mirror. It was bright red!

I went to my doctor and, sure enough, my thyroid medication was way too low. When we adjusted it, I immediately felt much better. This was really critical for me at that time in my life. Thank you David! It is such a perfect example for how he works. He just sees things.

S.W. – Nelson, B.C.

Recovery from a Life-Changing Accident

My former ideas about cause and effect, in both health and spiritual matters, have completely shifted through my work with David. He has helped me to deepen and broaden my learning on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual. He supports me to ask the hard questions and to find my own answers.

As a coach and ally, he persists with clarity and precision until my new picture of self and healing illuminates – and sticks – which inevitably gives me increased vitality and a fuller release of my innate creative potential.

L.F.- San Francisco, CA

Navigating Cancer and Chemotherapy

I’ve worked with David for many years and throughout he has become a trusted colleague, ally and friend. When I recently had cancer treatment (surgery followed by chemotherapy), he was one of the first people I called.

Undergoing chemotherapy was not a decision I made lightly. Each of the many health care practitioners with whom I discussed this option helped me to craft a comprehensive healing plan. But David had a special role. David walked with me, fearlessly, eyes open, hand in mine. Every step along the way, David asked, no, he insisted that I align with the physician within and recognize what was true for me. He was uncompromisingly fierce about this. I am forever grateful.

You don’t want to pussyfoot around and squander your life force when death is knocking at your door. As you navigate through “the valley of the shadow of death,” the best guides are those who have lived through their own death and resurrection. David and Susan are such, students of their own sacred embodiment, each with a finger always on the refresh button of their learning. They model scrupulous self-examination and a commitment to integrity which continually expands their already phenomenal ability to love and celebrate the genuine in each of us. Guides with tenacity and heart, David and Susan are master practitioners of authentic soul medicine.

S.D. – Fayetteville, AR

Post Traumatic Stress

Although I have never met David and Susan in person, our phone and email exchanges have developed a phenomenally trusting relationship. We first connected just before my step-dad passed away. That had been a violent, stark relationship and we hadn’t spoken for two years. I was feeling remorse and regret about that and David gave me some wonderful coping tools. He helped me to get in touch with “me,” which was a truly profound experience. He didn’t judge me, ever. In fact, he celebrated my intuition more than I did!

I’ve become able to stop and listen to myself and to the world around me. I’ve realized that I have good instincts and that when I pay attention, I always learn something important. I’ve been called stubborn and hard headed at times, but David taught me how to ask for help. What a wonderful gift that is, to realize that it’s not a sign of weakness to reach out for the assistance that is all around me.

C.S. – Ozark National Forest

Chronic Shoulder Pain, Family Wellness Evolution

As a swimmer I developed shoulder problems that began to inhibit my ability to exercise at all. “Standard treatments” failed to bring relief. David assisted me to access and heal the root causes of my pain by tuning in to my own healing capacities.

My husband and my son began to work with David as well, and our entire family has become healthier, physically, spiritually and emotionally. David’s wisdom and unconditional love is a treasure!

C.W.S. – Phoenix, AZ

Arthritic Condition

I have only been working with David for a very short time, yet his knowledge and unconditional compassion is a true guidance through countless arenas towards expanding my awakening. Through our work many pathways have been opened both medically and emotionally aiding understanding of countless questions to choices and action of this life I have and am living.

My life has truly been enriched working with David and Susan. I look forward to the insights and future work our friendship shall bring, not only for me, but for the evolution of a collective consciousness.

C.H. – Arkansas River Valley, Arkansas

Claiming and Integrating a Unique Perception and Learning Style Vital for the 21st Century

David gave me a new approach to learning and thinking that helped me find my way in high school. I started to feel better, think better and learn more. He is a great man, professionally and personally. He is an amazing listener, an inspiring motivator and a truly humble leader whose advice rings true.

M.S. – Phoenix, AZ

Work Related Physical Conditions and Life and Wellness Coaching

David MacKenzie has been my advocate and “evolutionary architect” over the past four years. He has brilliantly upheld the unveiling of my body and soul wisdom, with tender, loving, respectful care.

David is a precise and skilled navigator of the deep waters of the body and a reader of the maps therein. He is an interpreter for our unseen guides and a fierce warrior who has stood by and for me. Through working with him I have learned more than words can possibly convey and now, with profound gratitude and delight, I carry on this process of my ever expanding life.

G.J. – Oark, AR

Mother/ Daughter Relationship Evolution

David can see “beyond the veil” and this has become a rare and precious source of guidance and inspiration for my daughter and me. He has helped us bring clarity and understanding to our relationship.

B.S. – Winlaw, BC