Life Coaching for Optimal Health and Well-being

A life coach can serve you in sickness and in health. Over the years many clients have come to us for help navigating the complexities of an illness.

And transformational work doesn’t just happen and poof, you’re done. Together we can help you optimize your well-being. We help you thrive! We look into all aspects of wellbeing–physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, environmental, and relational.

In some cases, the deep nature of David’s Medical Intuitive work enables him to detect conditions before they fully manifest in your physical body. In such cases, collaborative preventative work can be undertaken to heal “patterns” before they crystallize into tangible problems.

The success of our work depends on developing deep trust. With most clients, we focus first on healing immediate needs. After suffering subsides, we focus on preventative collaboration and continue to deepen our relationship.

Navigating Illness with a Life Coach as your Ally

  • If you are ill, the first thing to understand is that the illness is not “yours.” It does not belong to you. It is a temporary condition which, when fully understood, can be seen very differently. Your condition, as painful and frightening as it may be, is a gift with a message.
  • The first healing step is often to recover from the trauma of your diagnosis.
  • Your condition took time to develop; it will take time to heal. Pressure to “act now” is sometimes called for; sometimes it is not. What’s important is to discover your own timing, because disease always represents a compromise of your own natural rhythms.
  • Fully understand your options. Often, in the rush to fix something, inadequate information is provided to educate you about the long-term implications of a treatment plan.
  • We listen, you choose. It’s profoundly different to collaborate with practitioners who respect you and empower you to call the shots. All our skills and intention are provided to create and sustain a space of discovery for you to learn what to do. Any information we provide arises from our listening and seeing what is already present In you.

We will all face an inevitable life or health crisis and can often get stuck in panic mode. It goes with being human. That’s why we created this video (below) and the free Survival Guide as the first steps in healing.

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