We offer support in the most challenging times

Chemotherapy Support

In the hardest times, when it feels like you’re up against the wall, we give you the support to navigate chemotherapy, radiation, major surgeries, and any other health challenge.

Sometimes selecting chemotherapy and/or radiation may be the appropriate choice. Healing help comes to us in many forms; why judge or turn our backs on what might help us? We offer the emotional, spiritual, and energetic support to manage the rigors of these treatments so that you can maximize their benefits, speed up your recovery, and increase overall gratitude for the value these options bring.

Preparation for Surgery

Fear is an expected response to the prospect of a major operation. Surrendering control to a surgeon and his team, strangers you have no prior connection with, does not come easily for most people. It helps to understand that the medical team is not the only help a person has.

Our Medical Intuitive team has a holistic perspective from 30+ years of experience that allows us to make pragmatic suggestions you may not be in a position to consider. For example, before a major surgery we help you connect to both your loving community and your inner allies. We provide simple techniques such as recalling memories of supportive family, friends, and practitioners, and we provide help in accessing your inner guides.

No one enters the operating room alone.

Wellness and Vitality are Possible

You’ve already taken the first step by re-framing your experience, knowing that wellness and vitality are possible. Wisdom Rx will stand with you in that conviction.
Start Healing