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AND Enjoy a few of Testimonials from our Client Successes

All these Clients worked very hard and we’re very proud to know all of them.

My former ideas about cause and effect, in both health and spiritual matters, have completely shifted through my work with Wisdom Rx. They has helped me to deepen and broaden my learning on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual. They support me to ask the hard questions and to find my own answers.

As a coaches and allies, they persist with clarity and precision until my new picture of self and healing illuminates – and sticks – which inevitably gives me increased vitality and a fuller release of my innate creative potential.

L.F.- San Francisco, CA


The Wisdom Rx team through their  respectful, kind, and wise guidance helped turn a nightmare into deep transformation, producing a powerful, dramatic healing that has shocked everyone but them!

W.W. Ashland, OR.


Wisdom Rx uncovers hidden aspects ready to be healed, and create a loving space to integrate those lost or alienated parts of myself.  There are no limits to the healing energies present.  Working with Wisdom Rx is an opportunity for transformation.

K.L. La Jolla, CA


You don’t want to pussyfoot around and squander your life force when death is knocking at your door. David and Susan model scrupulous self-examination and a commitment to integrity which continually expands their already phenomenal ability to love and celebrate the genuine in each of us. Guides with tenacity and heart, David and Susan are master practitioners of authentic soul medicine.

S. D. Fayetteville, AR


Your perceptions are so astute, precise and seem to be able to hit the perfect target and bomb it to smithereens!!!!

J.C. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico