Healing can happen at any time

The good news is that healing can occur during the dying process. Especially in our palliative care services, we see that healing always includes the whole family, not just the one preparing to leave. Support for families and friends of the dying is just as vital as understanding and embracing the one who is nearing the end of their life. Such care is important before, during, and after the event and can help all involved come to know death as a natural part of life.

What’s important is to complete life with as much dignity and grace as the conditions allow while harvesting the meaning and blessing of every moment, especially the final ones. We often do energy healing work with Hospice to help make the final days and moments all that they can be.

Our palliative care services

We work with palliative care teams that include family members, caregivers, doctors, nurses, and more. Whether the setting is in-home or at a facility, we create a sacred space in our video conference calls that provide some of the most powerful, transformational healing we have ever witnessed.

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There are many inspiring stories about palliative care and spiritual healing that transform not only the dying but the living, too. No one ever dies alone.