Carolyn Myss, who we’re fans of, uses a great reference phrase- Woundology.

She describes how we can become addicted to and create an entire identity around all the bad stuff and the corresponding wounds that have ever happened to us.

Sometimes in our desire to heal a wound we become addicted to forever solving the problem that never seems to go away. We can honor our wounds by placing them on a sacred altar.

What altar you might ask? 

An altar built from a compassionate understanding that horror happens and its presence can be overcome and exceeded through the power of compassionate awareness and love.

When that happens the end of the wound occurs. And we are set free from the ache of the past. The memory remains but the sorrow dissipates and turns into compassionate wisdom.

Join us in ending being run by the past so we can create a future in love.

What wound will you place on this sacred altar?
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  1. LindaHowe

    This is a wonderful invitation. Thank you ,and if i could bundle up my wounds and sorrows and place them on the altar , they would be all the painful, complicated stories and thoughts and feelings that I feel over and over again.
    would leave to burn to ashes years of low self esteem and worth.
    Now I place the wounds of neglect and early violation and trauma by bullies, my father, my mother , my son and ex. I would placed there for kindling all by their rejecting, romantic when older , and friends when I was very young ,
    I add to the pyre the self mistrust that developed in contentious arguments with my ex, and then my sonny thinly daughter that became extreme and my marriage of 31 years came apart , adult children departed and estrangements have set in,, I place that fire a broken heartedness and ravaged, sound, terrorized, body and also prison who can talk about it and not free triggered all the time .

  2. Concepcion Elvira

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

    And what are my wounds?

    And right when I was ready to start reciting them for the eleventh hundredth time, I realized that ALL my present wounds are my own responsibility.

    Such as staying with my husband, living in this house, etc. Is this why I feel so defeated?

  3. Linda Vandiver

    The wound I place on the alter, is betrayal. The very deep wounds I have felt were from my perception of being betrayed. (husbands, friends, child…..mother.) I just had the realization of this in the last month or so. The sudden realization that “all are me” clearly showed my own betrayal of myself, as I tried to keep the peace. So, this is simply a declaration at this time…..betrayal is over. I have given it to God!!! I decided to never betray my integrity again!!