When Standards Need to Fail

We create standards to have consistency or sameness.

They can be really helpful. They assist us in grading eggs, knowing how to greet the Queen of England and buying shoes. What happens when we standardize our ideas around love, acceptance, and freedom? We make rigid what is actually alive.

Some words are beyond standardization. The essence or life of some words require us to constantly grow our understanding, our experience and our definition.

When Standards Need to Fail

What words or standards are requiring you to redefine them?


photo by David C. MacKenzie ©


  1. Meri Walker

    It’s utterly delightful to see your photos again, David. Especially in the context of a conversation about Health. Thank you both for all you’re doing with this blog. It nourishes me.

  2. Dino Bambino

    Thought provoking… If only you were here and we were discussing this over a big dinner at Blue Moon…