What is a Wisdom Prescription?

WIsdom Prescription

Wisdom is something all of us are born with.

Your Wisdom Prescription comes from your own untapped wisdom, which is always waiting to be revealed and to inform you of precisely what you need to continue growing and healing.

At the conclusion of our session, we extract your Wisdom Prescription from the transcript.

It’s an action plan you follow to further your healing and to anchor this specific articulation of your wisdom deeper in your body.

As we mature, we can develop a remarkable ability to understand what’s going on around us and within us, in ways far beyond normal “awareness.” This extraordinary perception, what we call wisdom, is the accumulated learning from the whole of our life, and is available to focus on any challenging situation to create innovative solutions.

While each of us is a wisdom treasure chest, what we call your Wisdom Prescription usually needs defining, clarification, and activating at a conscious level. We serve as your allies to assist you in embodying your wisdom.

Your remedy is always your own; we help you find it.