Tools for Thriving

Below is a collection of videos we’ve made that can provide you some quick and easy tips to help you claim the power you know you have to make your way through whatever challenge your life presents.

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  • Physicists have been working at bridging the gap between science and spirit. This in and of itself isn’t news. Many of the great scientific

  • You probably know the expression “saying one thing and meaning something else”. Most of us like to think of ourselves as honest people and

  • When was the last time you noticed you were breathing? Isn’t it amazing we can take for granted the one thing we can’t live

  • Making friends with death is a foundational truth that can liberate us from fear. Healing in all its various forms is accelerated by not

  • Many of us carry a deeply present wound activated when the word ‘prayer’ is simply mentioned. We each must claim prayer on our own

  • Our Words are medicine – Are they healthy or toxic? That’s the question. The words we say to ourselves, to others and that we

  • ‘Seeing’ is something we take for granted that is actually a learned skill. Like any skill, how we see comes with practice. We can