Tools for Thriving

Below is a collection of videos we’ve made that can provide you some quick and easy tips to help you claim the power you know you have to make your way through whatever challenge your life presents.

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  • Have you gotten news you don’t want to hear and you feel shocked and scared? Access our Free Survival Guide and get support in navigating your

  • When we’re up against the wall, a radical re-frame can become available if we’re open to the gift of our Protector (soul, spirit, guide, guardian

  • We create problems for ourselves when we let our clock of desire, our clock of hope or our clock of expectation override the timing that

  • Have you ever thought about the difference between revolution and evolution? The Online Etymological Dictionary  defines ‘Revolution’ as “revolving, to turn, roll back.” The

  • Life will conspire to give you just what you need. The idea and experience of radical sobriety is getting clear on the ways I