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In our services at Wisdom Rx, we know that there is always a solution that can arise to support whatever healing is needed.

All of us are wonderfully unique so whatever you are experiencing will be unique to you. Our role is to assist you in discovering and applying the best solution for your healing and growth.

***If you are experiencing severe symptoms, please contact your doctor or go to the hospital. Healing can happen everywhere; care for yourself.


Getting Your Life Back and Moving Forward 
​If you’ve just gone through a big life change whether it was an illness, a loss or an evolutionary leap, everything feels and is new. So now what?

After immediate healing needs are cared for, moving forward requires learning new ways of being while letting go of old habits and conditions. Shifting into the next generation of you can be done with new awareness and new skills.

Growing Your Creativity and Intuition 
Creativity and Intuition are foundational to living the life you want to live.

In order to have new possibilities for our lives being creative and trusting our intuition are essential. Creativity requires a liberation from blockages that have held us back while intuition necessitates a willingness to be open to uncertainty.

Growing these capacities allows for a richer more alive way of being so we can live the lives we were born to live. 

Navigating the Complexities of an Illness You are bigger than what ails you. The illness or dis-ease is not “yours.” It does not belong to you. It is a temporary condition which, when fully understood, can be seen very differently. Your condition, as painful and frightening as it may be, has Wisdom inside it that you can use to feel better.

The first healing step is often to recover from the trauma of your diagnosis. We understand how to assist you to restore equilibrium after receiving the bad news

Your condition took time to develop. It will also take time to heal. Pressure to “act now” is often appropriate; sometimes it is not. What’s most important is to discover your own timing, rather than being pressured into a decision through fear of waiting. Disease always represents a compromise of your own natural rhythms and the tendency is to perpetuate that through standard curative protocols. We assist you to reclaim your sense of perfect timing.

Fully understand your options. Often, in the rush to “fix something,” adequate information is not provided to educate you about the long-term implications of a particular treatment plan. Choosing the right strategy for you takes careful thought. It must be tailor made for you, personally, and for all aspects of your being, not just your body. One size does not fit all. Healing is not an assembly line process.

We listen, you choose. It’s profoundly different to collaborate with practitioners who respect you and empower you to call the shots. In fact, all our skills and intention are provided to create and sustain a space of discovery for you to learn what to do for yourself. Whatever information we provide actually arises from our listening and seeing that which is already present In you. We simply provide support, clarity and instinctual knowing so that you can make the choices that enhance your life and promote your well-being.

Mystery Illness – Finding the Root Causes Symptoms are cries for change. To alleviate symptoms without fully discovering what change is being called for is to short-circuit the true healing process. Often, symptoms refer to conditions elsewhere in the body, and also to patterns in the mind and emotions.

Imagine seeing the oil light come on as you are driving, pulling into a gas station, and having the mechanic disconnect the wire. The light goes off – the symptom is alleviated – but the reason the light came on has not been addressed.

For example, many people suffer from lower back pain, but we have discovered that often this is not the result of a compressed disk, or any other physical cause, but actually relates to “doubt.” If the client is able to regain confidence in themselves, this can reflect as a relaxation in the psoas muscles of the body and may alleviate the lower back pain. In such a case, the symptom brought a message and provided a pathway to healing.[/toggle]

Help for Recurring Conditions or Injuries Some conditions just don’t seem to go away and sometimes we continue to injure ourselves in some particular way again and again. A process of gentle but direct inquiry can guide us towards understanding what is really going on at deeper levels. Similar to a computer that continues to run an old program, our human systems are wired to operate the way they do until something changes them.

Often some sort of growth experience can stimulate an illness or an injury, simply because you suddenly increase your own life frequency. This challenges old programming and, without the tools to “uninstall” the old frequency, dissonance between the two competing frequencies manifests as disharmony, in one form or another.

Understanding this principle, and exploring what preceded each incident, can help us discover and change programs that are sabotaging your growth as a human being.[/toggle]

Turning on your OWN Inner Physician All of us have our own Inner Physician, an aspect of ourselves that is particularly attuned to maintaining our well being. But, just as we as Medical Intuitives may only help to the degree that we are permissioned to, everyone needs to invite their Inner Physician to assist them.

“Turning on your Inner Physician” opens up a perception of what is actually happening in the body. The Medical Intuitive encourages clients to welcome and deepen this perception and then “confirms” what the client is sensing for themselves.

In many cases a person has never consciously turned on their Inner Physician, so our priority is to activate the relationship. Once client and Inner Physician have “met,” it becomes a matter of learning how to communicate and consult together relative to the specific health issues at hand.

Preparation for Surgery Learning and taking very practical steps in preparation for surgery (such as upping Vitamin B to speed recovery) can help alleviate the fear that is an expected response to the prospect of an operation, especially for a serious condition. Our Medical Intuitive team has a perspective and years of experience that allows us to make pragmatic suggestions the client may not be in position to consider.

Surrendering control to a surgeon and his team, strangers you have no prior connection with, does not come easily for most people. It helps to understand that the medical team is not the only help a person has. Among the many aspects of preparing for surgery is to connect with one’s own company of wise and loving allies. There are simple techniques for doing this, from recalling memories of supportive family, friends, and practitioners, to accessing one’s own inner guides.

No one enters the operating room alone.

Chemotherapy and Radiation Support Selecting chemotherapy and/or radiation may be the appropriate choice. Support to manage the rigors of such treatments can maximize their benefit, speed recovery, and increase gratitude for their value.

Healing help comes to us in many forms; why judge or turn our backs on what might help us?

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