Is This You?

  • Your body is speaking to you and it’s not happy.

  • It feels like your running on empty and another cup of coffee isn’t going to do it.

  • Your world has been turned upside down and you don’t know how to meet the challenges that are facing you. You feel overwhelmed, frightened and lost.

  • You know you’re not living the life you want to live.

  • If you’re sick, perhaps you’ve been given a diagnosis.

  • You have been told that you have X and now that X is running your life.  A part of you is grateful that you’re not crazy that it’s not all in your head, yet there is another part of you that knows you are more than just a diagnosis.

  • Or it may be that no one can tell you what’s wrong with you and nothing seems to add up.

  • You’re feeling sick and tired from the life you have been living and you know change is required.

The onslaught of information that’s supposed to be helping isn’t. You’re surrounded by friends and family with lots of ideas, prayers and well wishes but they aren’t offering you the help you really need. You’re supposed to trust all the experts surrounding you and for some reason you don’t.

You’ve got all this information and you’re not getting any better or making the change you know you need to make. And what you feel good about isn’t getting the attention you want it to get.

You know there’s something inside you that’s bigger than what’s troubling you but you can’t get to it.

So, you get on the internet and in a blink of an eye there are millions of solutions about the challenges to your health and personal evolution. Every friend offers you a self-help book or you go to the store and there are shelves that are three feet deep full of supplements. But which ones should you take?  Do you need a doctor, a naturopath, an acupuncturists all three?  What about drugs and herbs together?

The healing you seek, or the breakthrough you want isn’t happening no matter how good the practitioner or vitamin. And then you go to the doctor and what do you do? You go to the waiting room and you’ve got to wait.

Uggg… it’s so overwhelming… what to do?

There must be another way…

And there is.  

Our beliefs regarding life, death and health can actually make us more sick or keep us from growing.

It’s a natural reaction to try to fight for the breakthrough you want. In medical school providers are taught to fight it, treat it chemically, radiate it or cut it out. The access to global information is overwhelming and has us questioning how we’ve become the cause of our own illness.

And, we don’t stop long enough to ask what is really going on.  And more importantly, what does illness even mean? 

The first thing to do is to get out of panic so you can get real clarity. For help in making these first step,  when you sign up for our mailing list you’ll receive our-

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You can turn on the power of trusting the inner physician within you, the part of you that knows what is right for you and how to live in your integrity.

So, if you’re asking yourself ‘What’s really going on?’, and ‘How do I know what’s right for me?’ or if you know there must be another way, we are here to be your allies. We’re not afraid of stormy weather.

Learning to access and trust your inner physician, your wisdom, is a skill that you can learn.

Having an ally, a trusted advocate for your heart and soul in your healing journey is necessary for all of us.

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick
and tired and really want your life back?

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