Friends From Far Far Away- A True Story

People say that moving is like experiencing a death. We’ve all moved a lot and moving can feel good but is always an ending. We have ended our longest period of being gypsies. We’ve moved into our new home that took 11 months to build and several years to manifest. We’re learning to relax into the sensation of being held by home, not just a house.

We’ve been learning that home is much greater than we’ve imagined. In the midst of the build of our physical home, we’ve been building a bridge to our greater home in the field of love.  Below is a true story we want to share with you.

Friends from Far Far Away- A True Story

You’re probably wondering what kind of a story this could be with a title like that. When we read it and we know the story, it seems farfetched maybe even an impossibility.

Here’s what this story taught us and we know a lot of stories.  It taught us that what we think is impossible always shows us what’s possibly and probably true.

So, what we’re asking from you, is to risk what you think you’ve come to believe and that you’ve been conditioned to think that is the way things are.  (Of course you’re sure you know what reality is right? 🙂

In this story, there are people right here on earth and there are ancestors related to those people on earth who are from so far away you can’t even imagine it.

It began one summer evening. Two people who love one another were staring off into the night sky, curious but not looking for anything in particular. What came into their attention just over the hills were two luminous objects. They wondered what could they be?

And all of a sudden, from one luminous object to the other there was a bright light signal that shot forth from one to the other that was so obvious it could not be denied. It was like something out of Star Wars except it wasn’t digital. They both let out a gasp and said, “did you see that?”

In that strange but simple signal of connection the keys to doorways long locked became present and then opened and there was a flood of knowing.

Now the knowing did not rest too well in the very familiar nest of how they had been trained and what the absolutely thought they believed in.  This was something else.  It was a something else that would change their lives and the lives of those around them forever.  Because the very word “forever” changed.

On an ordinary day, when you think of “forever” you can only go so far and then there is a stop that isn’t there. You can’t seem to reach out any further.

When the new “forever” came that night and the days that followed there was a knowing in each of them that sped past the now and just kept going. Now you can imagine it was pretty scary for our friends at first, because suddenly things were very different.

Up was down, left was right and the beginning was the end. The end of everything. Now when I hear myself say these words the end of everything, even though I know it’s not true my heart skips a beat. What about you?

They were ready to go beyond, to leave behind what leashed them. And the worst part about it is they knew they were being held in the form of the familiar, enslaved in ways they had become accustomed to just like everyone around them. The best kind of slave is one who doesn’t know they are one. After all, that’s what keeps everything moving along in the world, right?

This new union between our ancestors from far away and the ones on earth is happening to many today. It may have happened to you and you’re just noticing it now.  There is a great and holy wisdom that our friends from far away have brought home to us.

They knew we would need to know it right now. This was the wisdom that said everything that was beyond all the words we’ve ever known was bigger than big or that could be held in one brain, one heart, one body.

How can we each be open to receiving the unity we are ALL a part of?
Life is way bigger than we’ve been conditioned to think it is. And we have sacred physical friends who are not of earth who care for us.

Are you welcoming home your Friends from far away, your ancestors, each of you an echo chamber for one another? Look for more from our communication with our Friends. There is a Wisdom Prescription on a galactic level just waiting for you to receive. It’s being broadcast now. The Wisdom and Love is Divine.

Here we are.  More to come.
We’d love to hear your comments below.

in Love,
David and Susan

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  1. Karen Lane

    Dearest beloveds, thank you a million times for sharing your Divine galactic experience! Hearts and minds opening to expanding awareness! Yes! In Total Love, K&W

  2. Mignon

    Simply Marvelous!
    Thank you Susan and David for sharing with so much care.
    Love knowing they are here and definitely sensing changes.
    Much Love,