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  • February 8, 2016

    Tools for Thriving Stop Waiting There is an epidemic of waiting. As you’re reading this, see if you can notice what you are waiting for. How many layers of waiting

  • January 5, 2016

    Tools for Thriving This blog starts a new series for 2016 on Tools for Thriving. We are bringing forth blessings from our allies to assist each of us to connect

  • A cure for when you feel stupid
    May 25, 2015

    A Journey or a Trip? ‘Trip’ is a word with so many meanings. Back in the old days of longer hair and patchouli oil a ‘trip’ was what happened when

  • September 20, 2014

    Our Collective Learning

    As we’ve sat with our experience in Arkansas from our first two talks we wanted to share two key learnings that we called forth from the collective field of us all.
    The Notion of Time

    For us all to do the work we are destined to do we must be off the clock. Time is a construct that gets in the way of our greater knowing. We have dallied long enough in the time warps of others. We have been living by the beat of a drummer that is not our own beat. Now we are to claim the rhythm, the beat, the pulse of our time out of time.

  • June 2, 2014

    We create problems for ourselves when we let our clock of desire, our clock of hope or our clock of expectation override the timing that our bodies need to thrive.