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  • February 2, 2017

    Our blog last Sunday was about surrendering to the Divine, Source, Spirit first in order to inform us before we act. Some might refer to it as acting from “thy

  • October 16, 2016

    As Dr. Joe Dispenza puts it, thriving requires getting the mind out of the body so that we can live in the present moment. Our bodies biologically run emotional habits,

  • October 2, 2016

    There is a lot of yelling going on around us these days. It’s in the media, it’s on Facebook, and maybe it’s even in your family.  Sometimes it’s hard to

  • July 30, 2016

    Tools for Thriving 2016 The Achy Dark Side of Independence We’re trained to think of ourselves as independent maybe even “rugged individuals”. We can do it on our own. The

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