Beauty is your buddy

Don’t you love the experience of something so beautiful that you feel moved, Sweet tears show up in your eyes and you feel the goodness of life itself.

Beauty is a healing balm to the stresses in our lives. Take time to notice the beauty around you and immerse yourself in it.

Here’s a movie you might really enjoy.  It takes place in 17th century France and tells the story of a woman who creates a beautiful garden masterpiece.

We found it inspiring. We hope you will too.

A Little Chaos

What kind of beauty inspires you most?

Please share in the comments below.

  1. Carina

    Beauty in Nature: morning fog dissipating, dew drops, frost, diamond snow, my son’s eyes, a certain song sung by a certain voice, design of all sorts that is just so, intensity of colour, patterns, textures, external grace reflecting internal harmony in people and animals, deep kindness, incredible moments of stillness beckoning the possible. Bless you both, Carinka